I could describe nightlife in Phuket in just a few words; vibrant, extreme, attractive, incredible & amazing. Phuket, especially Patong Beach has a busy nightlife, second only to Pattaya among Thailand’s beach resorts. Bangla Road (Soi Bangla) in Patong is by far the busiest and seediest nightlife hot-spot with countless massage parlors, go-go bars, pubs, discos and nightclubs. 

This area has a very obvious female, transgender, and male sex industry to cater to every types of tourists’ needs. World class cabaret show in Phuket is also a huge attraction to most of the travelers. Nightlife in Phuket is definitely a hedonists’ paradise for all.

48 Best Nightlife In Phuket

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1) Phuket FantaSea – Kamala Beach

Phuket FantaSea, is an exclusive 60-acres Cultural Theme Park which has become the ultimate nightlife entertainment in Phuket. The park was created at a cost of over THB 3,500 million (US$ 100 million) & offers an selection of attractions not found anywhere in the world. 

It has a 3,000-seat, state-of-the-art Theater performing Thai cultural & elephant  show, a buffet restaurant with a capacity of 4,000 seats and a Festival Village which is a shopping street where you could easily spend the whole night in this venue.

Phuket FantaSea

2) 14 Best Nightlife in Bangla Road (Soi Bangla) – Patong Beach

Soi Bangla and its surrounding streets nearby, is a world famous nightlife hot-spot in Phuket. This area is packed with a combination of frenetic pubs, beer bars, massage parlor and go-go bars. There are also a few happening nightclubs with dance floors, which are otherwise rare in Thailand.
For your information, drinking prices in Bangla Road can vary seriously between bars even though they are next to each other. So, always ask for the drinks menu or prices before ordering anything.

Nightlife In Phuket 1

A luxury club with beautiful interior design. Most of the dancers are European & Russian with super hot body. This is a famous strip dance club in Phuket that you must pay a visit. The price of drinks many slightly higher than others, but is fun to enjoy & experience the vibe. – Best nightlife in Phuket for men.
Address: 5 T. A., Thanon Bangla, Kathu, Amphoe Kathu, Chang Wat Phuket 83150
Operation hour: 9
pm to 4 am

A popular dance club & nightclub in Bangla Road. If you’re ready to party until late, here’s the best Patong Beach clubs and discos to dance far past the official closing time of 2 am. Hollywood introduces a new trendy entertainment style to phuket mixing live stage acts with talented international DJs.
Address: 7 Thanon Bangla, Pa Tong, Phuket 83150, Thailand
Operation hour: 9
pm to 6 am

One of the oldest sport bar on the island caters mostly Australians tourists & expats. The bar offers all sort of ice cold beers, gin, cocktails, rum, vodka, brandy, etc. There are also pool tables & a few TVs showing all live sports channel. A great place to hang out with friends freely without any girl asking for ladies drink. LOL.
Address: 9/1 Bangla Road, Patong, Kathu
Operation hour: 9
am to 3 am

An amazing bar with incredible acrobatic pole dancing. The bar offers jaw dropping performance where the dancers showcase tall pole dancing to entertain their customers. They also offer a wide range of drinks, including beers, whisky, liqueurs, wine, cocktails and more. Nice place to hang out for cheap beers.
Address: 11 Bangla Road Patong, Kathu
Operation hour: 10
am to 4 am

One of the most popular crowded & wild nightclubs in Patong. Even though, it is not as large as some other nearby nightclubs, but incredibly well crafted sounds & light systems and less smoky environment create an atmosphere that draws a trendy crowd every single night. – Best nightlife in Phuket for party lovers.
Address: Bangla Road, Patong, Kathu
Operation hour: 10
pm to 3 am

An interesting hip hop club with in-house DJs where most the managers there could speak French. Gossip Nightclub is small but cozy, it has 2 floors, upper level usually play French hip hop music. Besides drinks, snack food is available like burgers, sushi and tapas. Great vibe & environment, don’t miss this place.
Address: 29 Thanon Bangla, Pa Tong, Kathu, Phuket 
Operation hour: 9
pm to 5 am

One of the most luxurious club in Phuket with comfortable red sofas & KTV rooms. They have more than 100 girls perfoming sexy dance on the 2 main stages by rotation. Price might be slightly higher compare to others, but this is totally worth for the VIP feel and the quality of most of the girls here.  
Address: 21/2-8 Soi Seadragon, Pa Tong
Operation hour: 8
pm to 4 am

The sister club of Harem above, is the latest and upscale club in Patong, Phuket. A very well interior design club with ancient Chinese decoration & Terra Cotta warrior at the main entrance. The other sister clubs under Suzy Wong’s group like Devil’s Playground & Rock Hard’s Crazy Girls are also worth to pay for a visit.
Address: 21/3-4 Soi Sea Dragon Off, Thanon Bangla, Pa Tong
Operation hour: 7:30
pm to 3 am

One of the most popular live band bars in Patong. The band plays awesome and lively music almost non-stop English song from 7 pm until 3 am. You can even request the band to play your favorite song & dance on the stage with the singers. – Best nightlife in Phuket for live band lovers.
Address: 68 Thanon Bangla, Pa Tong.
Operation hour: 7
 pm to 3 am

Most probably the biggest entertainment complex in Phuket with total area of over 5,000 sqm. This is a huge discotheque resembles a tiger cave with a lot of animals statue in club. Live bands and DJs spinning hip hop and dance music every night. Pool tables are also available at the upper floor if you want to escape awhile from the crowd.
Address: 198/4 Thanon Bangla, Pa Tong.
Operation hour: 9:30
pm to 5:30 am

Illuzion Phuket, a wild & vibrant discotheque offers the most impressive nightlife for tourists in Patong, Phuket. Equipped with the unbeatable sound and lighting system, Illuzion is definitely a fun place to party. This world class club could easily accommodate at least 5,000 guests capacity. Never miss to party with the world famous DJs in Illuzion.
Address: 31 Thanon Bangla, Pa Tong.
Operation hour: 9
pm to 1 am.

One of the best hip hop nightclubs in Patong. This world class nightclub features international & local talented DJs, live shows and sexy dancers on stage. Amazing LED screens, powerful sound system and superb live performance will definitely drive you crazy to the maximum level. – Best nightlife in Phuket for hip hoppers.
Address: 70/3 Thanon Bangla, Pa Tong.
Operation hour: 9
pm to 12 am.

Another fantastic live band venue right at the entrance of Bangla Road. The band mostly plays Western old school pop & rock genres with powerful vocalist. Unlike the rest of the entertainment outlets in Patong, this is a pub and restaurant without any girl or PR where you can enjoy your meal & music with friends or love one. 
Address: 86 Bangla Rd Pa Tong.
Operation hour: 11:30 am to 2 am.

TaiPan is one of the oldest clubs in Patong and one of the clubs that play classical pop almost every night. They offer excellent sound system, great live band, live performance by super sexy dancers & experience DJs making it an unforgettable venue for all their guests. Most importantly, there is no entrance fee.
Address: 165 Rat-U-Thit 200 Pee Road, Pa Tong.
Operation hour: 8:30 pm to 4 am.

3) Simon Cabaret Show

Simon Cabaret, one of the must-see famous “ladyboy” show whilst in Phuket. They have outstanding stage designs, lavish costumes and glamorous performers! Luxurious and intimate vast theater, complete with high-tech sound system and amazing lighting effect. The world class show featuring both modern and traditional performance in English and other languages from around the globe.

Phuket Simon Cabaret

4) 12 Best Rooftop Bars in Phuket

5) 13 Best Beach Bars in Phuket

M Beach Club Mai Khao Beach

A well set-up beachfront bar with superb environment & atmosphere. M Beach Club is one of the best beach club at the North of Phuket, Mai Khao Beach. The main highlights here include vibrant DJ, live performance by singer and some special event like fire show. – Best nightlife in Mai Khao Beach, Phuket.
Address: 231, Mai Khao, Thalang District, Phuket.
Operation hour: 12
pm to 12 am

NY Beach Republic Nai Yang Beach

NY Beach Republic, is a lively cocktail bar with live band that serve Thai & Western foods. The bar has dining area & casual seating area with low tables surrounding by colorful and fluffy pillows right on the beach. They offer wide range of imported beers and specialize in  fruit-flavored mojito cocktails. 
Address: 133/1 Moo 1 Sakhu, Thalang District, Phuket.
Operation hour: 3
pm to 1:30 am

Dream Beach Club – Layan Beach

Dream Beach Club, one of the most popular trendy beach club in Phuket with the combination of swimming pools, bars & large beach beds. Featuring a world-class performers, musicians, foreign DJ’s, seductive parties and exclusive annual events entertainment schedule. A perfect place to catch a sunset and relax with a nice cocktail.
Address: Layan Beach, Soi 2, Cherngtalay Phuket
Operation hour: 11 pm to 10 pm

Xana Beach Club Bang Tao Beach

Xana Beach Club is right in front of the Angsana Laguna Phuket Resort. This upscale beach club offers a 35-metre pool & swim-up bar to a high-quality private rooftop terrace with state of the art sound system. You could start your laid back afternoon in the pool and continue with some party until late at night here.
Address: 10 Moo 4, Srisoonthorn Road, Cherngtalay, Thalang, Phuket.
Operation hour: 11
am to 10 pm

Catch Beach Club Bang Tao Beach

Catch Beach Club, at the Southern end of Bang Tao Beach is a the high-quality beach club with excellent restaurant and the trendy lounge bar. The club is extremely happenings especially in the evening when crowds flowing in & DJs start to play techno tunes. This is one of the must-visit beach club in Phuket.
Address: 202/88, Choeng Thale, Thalang District, Phuket.
Operation hour: 10
am to 12 am

Lux Beach Club Bang Tao Beach

Lux Beach Club, is part of the Arinara Resort, Bang Tao. Crafted with elegance and comfort, the luxurious club provides a wide variety of seating choices, as well as a full menu of food and drinks. They serve mainly Thai Food, plus beef tenderloin, racks of lamb, salmon, pasta and pizzas. A nice place to spend your day & evening on the beach.
Address: Soi Bang Tao 12, Choeng Thale, Thalang, Phuket
Operation hour: 9
am to 11 pm

Bluesiam Beach Club Bang Tao Beach

Bluesiam Beach Club is beautifully decorated with sculptures , paintings, antiques and its structures are converted from shipping containers. This is a quiet and relaxed Lounge Bar and Restaurant. It features elevated wooden deck with rattan sofas and low tables overlooking the water front, perfect for sunset views.
Address: 99/1 Bang Tao Beach Road,, Choeng Thale, Thalang District, Phuket.
Operation hour: 11
am to 10 pm

HQ Beach Lounge Kamala Beach

 HQ Beach Lounge Phuket, is a modern & stylish beachfront lounge that surrounded by trees in Kamala beach. They serve wide selection of foods like curry, pasta, Burger and Pizza. All types of drinks include wines, beers, cocktails, Champagnes, etc. In the evening, live DJ will play enchanting music & party will start from then. 
Address: 118/17 Moo 3, Kamala, Katu, Phuket
Operation hour: 9 am to 10 pm

Café Del Mar Kamala Beach

Café Del Mar, is one of the best beach clubs on the island & a favorite spot for the high-quality music and stylish atmosphere lovers. The place is perfect for those who haven’t enjoyed the nightlife hustle and bustle on Patong or are searching for a new relaxed style for a day-long beach stay. 
Address: 118/19, Kamala, Kathu District, Phuket.
Operation hour: 11 am to 2 am

Iguana Beach Club Kalim Beach

Iguana Beach Club is a small laid-back beach bar located an exclusive small private beach with a cool chilled-out daytime vibe and great weekend parties. The hidden beach club is a relaxing hideaway that plays house music until sunset and turns into a groovy party club at night. They have beach party almost every weekend.
Address: Phrabaramee Road, Kalim Beach, Patong, Phuket.
Operation hour: 10 am to 10 pm

KUDO Beach Club Patong Beach

KUDO Beach Club & Italian Restaurant is located at the heart of vibrant Patong Beach. This stylish beachfront club features a 2 level restaurant with stunning views over the sea. A swimming pool with sun loungers and tables where you can relax, enjoy a drink and witness a scenic sunset view. – Best nightlife in Patong, Phuket for beach party.
Address: 33/1 Patong Beach road, Pa Tong, Kathu District, Phuket.
Operation hour: 10 am to 12 am

Paradise Beach is located on an isolated but busy bay about 4.5 km West of Patong Beach. There is a complex with some shops, restaurants, beach chairs & bars. This beach club is the home for the famous & happening Half Moon, Full Moon & New Moon Parties venue which take place every year. One of the best nightlife in Phuket & a must-visit place.
Address: Muen-Ngern Road, Pa Tong, Kathu District, Phuket.
Operation hour: 9 am to 7 pm (late during Moon Parties Event)

Coast Beach Club – Karon Beach

Coast Beach Club & Bistro is by far the one & only beachfront club in Karon Beach.  Even though it is part of the Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket, but they are open for public to dine in and drink.  Besides the fine cuisine, the club main highlights including pool parties, singers performance and occasionally magic show.  
Address: 683 Patak Rd, Karon, Amphoe Mueang Phuket.
Operation hour: 11 am to 11 pm

6) Siam Niramit – Phuket Town

Siam Niramit, a world class show featuring the history and culture of Thailand in high flying fashion, live elephants, acrobatics, pyrotechnics and stunts. It’s a spectacular must-see show which features more than 100 actors, sumptuous set designs, over 500 lavish costumes and original staging. Enhanced special visual effects and a talented cast produce a satisfying and inspiring performance. The best nightlife in Phuket town.

Siam Niramit Phuket
Nightlife In Phuket 8

7) Simon Star Cabaret – Phuket Town

Simon Star Cabaret is the expansion of Simon Cabaret of Patong. The new theater that right in heart of Phuket town brings another new attraction to the tourism of the island. The new impressive stage design is enhanced with state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems with a total capacity of 600 seats. You will be amazed by glitterati and extravagant costumes, and irresistibly spelled by their new generation and ambitious “ladyboys” performers. 

8) Aphrodite Cabaret Show – Phuket Town

Aphrodite Cabaret Show, is another brand new entertainment nightlife in Phuket town. The latest ladyboys show is considered the “pearl of the Andaman Sea” and one of the best and most beloved tourist attractions in Phuket. This new theater is built to fit 950 seats, provides full comfort and cool elegance.

With over 100 performers, the show embarks on a journey where the gleaming world of music , cultural dance, all star performers in glamorous glittering costume perform dances and songs to tribute different cultures from countries around the world.

Aphrodite Cabaret Phuket

9) 4 Best Bars in Phuket Town

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