The nightlife in Koh Chang Island is vibrant, rowdy, and diverse. Of course, in comparison to Phuket, Pattaya, Krabi, and Bangkok, the choice of clubs and nightlife options on the island is less, however, it still has a lot to offer in terms of sports bars, cafes, beach bars, live band bars, and girlie bars, all of which are more than enough to keep visitors entertained throughout their stay in Koh Chang. 

The majority of Koh Chang’s nightlife is concentrated along the western beaches of the island, notably in touristy areas such as White Sand Beach, Kai Bae, Klong Prao, and Lonely Beach. There aren’t many on the east coast, with only a few laid-back cafes or bars for locals to hang out.

We will recommend all of the popular nightlife scenes in Koh Chang that are ideal for couples, honeymooners, friends, families, and even solo travellers, in addition to partygoers. Let’s get started and go over all of the recommended nightlife spots on our list.

17 Best Nightlife In Koh Chang

The Beach Club Restaurant Koh Chang

The Beach Club is part of the Peninsula Beach Resort, which is located on Klong Son Beach, one of the most pristine beaches on the island. It features a stylish open-concept restaurant with stunning views of Siam Royal Bay. This romantic club is intended for couples or honeymooners seeking a more private nightlife experience in Koh Chang.
Address: 24/2 Moo 3, Klong Son Village, Ko Chang District, Trat 23170 Thailand
Operation hour: 8:00 am to 9:00 pm

02 Shambhala Beach Bar

Shambhala Beach Bar Koh Chang

Shambhala Beach Bar is yet another fantastic beachfront bar along Klong Son Beach for couples. It has an infinity pool, a bar, a restaurant, comfortable lounge chairs, sun beds, and allows guests to play outdoor billard or enjoy a variety of other beach activities. They serve Italian, Japanese, and Thai cuisine in addition to their extensive cocktail & mocktail menu.
Address: 07/14 Moo 3, Klong Son, Ko Chang District, Trat 23170 Thailand
Operation hour: 12:00 pm to 9:30 pm

03 15 Palms Beach Restaurant – Best Nightlife in Koh Chang for Families

15 Palms Beach Restaurant Koh Chang

15 Palms Restaurant, which is part of the 15 Palms Beach Resort, is right on the stunning White Sand Beach. This elegant all-wood restaurant with a large terrace is outfitted with pool table, large screen TVs & playground. They serves a wide range of beers, cocktails, & even special menu for kids. This restaurant also has exciting fire shows.
Address: 1/2 Moo 4 Beach Road, White Sand Beach, Trat 23170 Thailand
Operation hour: 8:00 am to 12:30 pm

04 Oodie’s Place – The Most Popular Live Band Bar in Koh Chang

Oodie's Place Koh Chang

Oodie’s Place is one of Koh Chang’s oldest and most popular restaurant bars. It’s the best energetic gateway for your island night out, with a fantastic crowd, fire show, and great music provided by DJs & a live band, ensuring you have a great time hanging out with friends. Apart from that, they also offers a wide range of Thai, Asian & Western cuisine.
Address: 7/20 Moo 4, Amphoe Ko Chang, 23170 Thailand
Operation hour: 4:00 pm to 2:00 am

05 Sabay Bar – Best Beachfront Bar in Koh Chang

Sabay Bar Koh Chang

Sabay Bar is a lovely beachfront bar with dining tables right on the sand. It is one of the most popular nightlife destinations in White Sand Beach, with a regular fire show, incredible live music play by Filipino band, and experienced DJs who will keep all guests entertained throughout the night. After nightfall, it becomes incredibly crowded. 
Address: 475C+58G, White Sand Beach, Ko Chang, Trat 23170 Thailand
Operation hour: 10:30 am to 12:30 am

06 Taste of India Restaurant – Best Nightlife in Koh Chang for Indian Food Lovers

Taste of India Restaurant Koh Chang

Taste of India is unquestionably the best spot in White Sand Beach for those who look for a more relaxed nightlife with friends, loved ones, or families. They serve some of the best authentic Indian food on the island, all of which is made from scratch; nothing is brought in pre-made or frozen. They also have a large selection of traditional Indian vegetarian dishes.
Address: White Sand Beach, Ko Chang District, Trat 23170 Thailand
Operation hour: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm

07 The Rockbar – Best Nightlife in Koh Chang for Rock Fans

The Rockbar Koh Chang

The Rockbar is one of the few places in Koh Chang that stays open until the wee hours of the morning. This is possibly the only bar on the island that only plays rock and pop music all night. Aside from the headbang live music, there is also a pool table and a big screen that broadcasts all major live sports events. Almost every night, a large crowd gathers.
Address: The Rockbar, Amphoe Ko Chang, Trat 23170 Thailand
Operation hour: 6:00 pm to 5:00 am

08 Babylon Nightclub – Best Nightlife in Koh Chang for Partygoers 

Babylon Nightclub Koh Chang

Babylon Nightclub is the newest & only nightclub in the White Sand Beach area. This two-story modern upscale nightclub has a stunning sound & lighting system, as well as numerous bar seatings & lounge sofas. Its experienced DJs play great music & guarantee visitors a fantastic & wild party atmosphere that is hard to find anywhere else on the island.
Address: 9/39, Moo 4, White Sand Beach, Koh Chang District, Trat 23170 Thailand
Operation hour: 10:00 pm onward

09 Little Pattaya – Best Nightlife in Koh Chang for Bachelors

Little Pattaya is a popular nightlife hotspot in Koh Chang. This is the largest beer bar complex in town, with easily more than 20 girly bars, almost all of which are fitted with pool tables and play loud music. These identical beer bars are closely attached to each other and beautiful neon lights stretch out to practically every corner of the complex. 

Even though all of these bars offer cheap beers, you will wind up with a significant bill when you leave. The reason for this is that those pleasant girls will usually invite you to play some table games or pool, and if you lose, you will be responsible to pay for their drinks. A friendly reminder: these ladies are all pool experts, so winning is difficult.

Typically, Little Pattaya is the last stop for most singles or groups of men looking for a “companion” on the island. With over a hundred ladies in the complex, the majority of them expect the guys to pay the “bar fine” and accompany customers back to the hotel. If you don’t mind spending money, Little Pattaya is unquestionably a man’s paradise.

Address: White Sand Bar Complex, Tambon Ko Chang, Ko Chang District, Trat 23170, Thailand
Operation hour: 4:00 pm to 5:00 am

Best Nightlife in Koh Chang
Little Pattaya Koh Chang
Honey Bar Koh Chang

10 The White Elephant Bar & Restaurant – Best Sports Bar in Koh Chang

Nightlife In Koh Chang 1

The White Elephant is not only a restaurant, but also a popular sports bar among western travellers. Apart from serving traditional pub food, it also has the largest selection of draught and bottled beers on the island, including craft beers. It has a pool table in the middle of the bar & large TV screens showing all major live sports events around the world.
Address: 9/22/6-8, Moo 4, White Sands Beach, Koh Chang, Trat 23170 Thailand
Operation hour: 7:30 am to 2:00am

11 Kai Bae Walking Street – Best Nightlife in Kai Bae Beach, Koh Chang

Kai Bae Beach’s nightlife comprises some of Koh Chang’s greatest drinking establishments with a cluster of beer bars centred around Walking Street. Although it’s quieter than White Sand Beach’s Little Pattaya, the small number of bars provide all the usual fare for your entertainment: beer, pool, table games, blasting music, and, of course, ladies.

All of the bars in this area are fun places to hang out and drink till the wee hours of the morning. Food is usually available as well. The following are some of the popular neighbourhood bars along Walking Street on our list: Sky Bar Koh Chang, @ Mark’s Bar, Yak Yak Bar, Red Bar, Bar 13 & Berlin Bar.

Address: Kai Bae Walking Street, Kai Bae Beach, Ko Chang District, Trat 23170 Thailand
Operation hour: 4:30 pm to 5:00 am

12 Lighthouse Nightclub – Best Nightclub in Kai Bae Beach, Koh Chang

Lighthouse Nightclub Koh Chang

Lighthouse is the newest nightclub/discotheque in Kai Bae Beach, located right across the street from the main road, at the entrance to the Walking Street. It has a stylish interior with a big screen showing movies and live sporting events during the day and transforms into a hip dance club at night with a Thai live music band & DJs. The best nightlife in Kai Bae.
Address: Kai Bae, 1 Walking St, Ko Chang District, Trat 23170 Thailand
Operation hour: 24 hours

13 Deep Island Bar – Best Live Music Bar in Kai Bae, Koh Chang

Deep Island Bar Koh Chang

Deep Island Bar, located right on the main road, is one of the most popular live music venues. This award-winning bar provides great food, exotic cocktails, excellent services, happy smiling staffs, warm hospitality, pool, chilled out ambiance & overall great vibes. Because of its great live music & DJs, this bar is mostly frequented by expats & westerners.
Address: 29/25 Moo 4 Amphoe Ko Chang, Trat 23170 Thailand
Operation hour: 4:00 pm to 2:00 am

14 Morgan Restaurant & Bar – Best Sports Bar in Kai Bae, Koh Chang

Morgan Restaurant & Bar Koh Chang

Morgan Restaurant & Bar, a two-story English-themed sports bar with vintage vibes, serves quality Thai and European cuisine such as full English breakfasts, omelettes, baguettes, salads, homemade burgers, pasta dishes, fish & chips, traditional cottage pie, and so on. They also have a pool table, a big tv screen for live sporting events, and lively music.
Address: 31/9 Moo 4 High Street, Kai Bae, Ko Chang, Trat 23170 Thailand
Operation hour: 10:00 am to 1:00 am

15 Filou Cocktail Lounge 

Filou Cocktail Lounge Koh Chang

Filou Cocktail Lounge is another popular nightlife destination in Kai Bae. It is known for its German and Italian cuisines, in addition to its cold draught beer, wines, and delectable cocktails. Their fantastic live band allows all visitors to unwind and enjoy the tropical night in a fashionable setting, and the music inspires everyone to get into the party atmosphere.
Address: 98/5 Moo 4 Amphoe Ko Chang, Trat 23170 Thailand
Operation hour: 5:00 pm to 1:30 am

16 Ting Tong Bar – Best Party Bar in Lonely Beach

Ting Tong Bar Koh Chang

Ting Tong Bar is probably Lonely Beach’s best known party venue, with something exciting happening every night of the week. Fantastic live band playing mostly rock’n’roll and reggae from the 1980s & 1990s. As soon as the band finishes, the DJ takes over & plays techno, trance, and D&B until the wee hours. Extremely crowded after midnight.
Address: 4/57 Moo 1, Amphoe Ko Chang, Trat 23170 Thailand
Operation hour: 24 hours

17 Stone Free – Best Live Music Bar in Lonely Beach

Stone Free Koh Chang

Stone Free is a wonderfully decorated timber pub with some of Lonely Beach’s best live music. Every night, the local Thai band entertains all of their visitors with world-class music, and their old school jam session is one of the major attractions. The bluesy-rock music will undoubtedly raise the atmosphere to new levels. A must-visit live band bar.
Address: 4/33 Moo 1, Amphoe Ko Chang, Trat 23170 Thailand
Operation hour: 8:00 am to 12:00 am

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