Tourism in Koh Chang has increased dramatically over the last few years due to it’s pristine beaches, crystal clear water & the natural beauty of waterfalls. With all sort of attractions, mostly will ask where is the right place to stay in Koh Chang? The majority of tourists stay at the West Coast of the island where most of the beaches have superfine sand & sparkling water. 

10 Best Places To Stay in Koh Chang

Klong Son Beach, the first stop & the nearest village from the Pineapple Bay Pier. It has a beautiful bay and a few attraction nearby like Thai temple, Chinese temple, jungle trekking, water fall as well as the best elephant camp on the island. Most of the tourists will just stop-by just for lunch at the cheap seafood restaurants & head to the West coast beaches. This area is still very much the choice of local Thai people. In fact, there are a few nice resorts here & is worth to stay at least for a night before heading to other parts of the island.

Recommended Hotels & Resorts in Klong Son

Recommended Budget Hotels in Klong Son

02 North White Sand Beach 

North White Sand Beach, the first beach on the West coast is one of the busiest developing  area on Koh Chang island. The long stretch of the beach normally will split it into North & South for easy reference. This area attract thousands of tourists due to it’s white sandy beaches and it is very easy to reach amenities all within walking distance. Besides with several luxury resorts, it also offers some flourishing area for backpackers. As for my opinion, this is one of the best place to stay in Koh Chang. 

Recommended Hotels & Resorts in North White Sand Beach

Recommended Budget Hotels in North White Sand Beach

03 South White Sand Beach 

South White Sand Beach, less attractive if to compare with the Northern part as some coastline covers with rocks & cliffs. Dead coral can be seen scattered on the beach at the very south of part of this area. Anyway, there are still many good resorts, Western Food restaurants, bars & coffee shops here which the price is slightly lower compare to the North.

Recommended Hotels & Resorts in South White Sand Beach

Recommended Budget Hotels in South White Sand Beach

04 Pearl Beach

Pearl Beach, or some maps will show this place as “Hat Kai Mook”. A relatively quiet area with less sandy beaches, most of the seasides cover with rocks. Despite having less attractive beaches, there are still a few small resorts that really worth for money here. Friendly staffs and even some of the resorts owner might welcome you upon your arrival at the reception hall.

Recommended Hotels & Resorts in Pearl Beach.

05 Chai Chet Beach & North Klong Prao Beach

Chai Chet Beach & North Klong Prao Beach, the connected coastline of these beaches is another popular area of Koh Chang after White Sand Beach. Excellent beach from Chai Chet all the way to the Northern part of Klong Prao Beach. The fast growing area here has many large resorts, bars, shops, seafood restaurants & money changers as well. You could even find some western foods & pizzas in this area.

Recommended Hotels & Resorts in Chai Chet Beach & North Klong Prao Beach

Recommended Budget Hotels in Chai Chet Beach & North Klong Prao Beach

06 South Klong Prao Beach

South Klong Prao Beach, where most of the best resorts are situated here. Of course, the best resorts always come with the most expensive price too. Some of the big names like The Dewa, Santhiya Tree Koh Chang Resort & Barali Beach Resort and Spa could cost you more than 5,000 baht a night. Anyway, you still can get some 2 or 3 star hotels below 3,000 baht.

Recommended Hotels & Resorts in South Klong Prao Beach

Recommended Budget Hotels in South Klong Prao Beach

07 Kai Bae Beach 

Kai Bae Beach, there are 3 famous high end resorts here, The Chill, Awa Resort & Gajapuri Resort & Spa. The rate ranging from 3000 baht to as high as 5000 baht. Perhaps, this is the best area to stay if you are travelling with family or couples. It is easy to reach most of the shops, restaurants & bars.

Recommended Hotels & Resorts in Kai Bae Beach

Recommended Budget Hotels in Kai Bae Beach

08 Lonely Beach 

Best Places To Stay in Koh Chang

Lonely Beach, but you won’t get lonely here. In fact, this is the most crowded area among all the beaches in Koh Chang. This area is very popular because it offers cheap accommodations, nice beach & some good places for nightlife. Even though most of the hotels here are in cheaper rate, still there are a few nice resorts within the area. Often people describe Lonely Beach as a backpackers heaven or the party place in Koh Chang.

Recommended Hotels & Resorts in Lonely Beach

Recommended Budget Hotels in Lonely Beach

09 Bailan Beach / Bay

Bailan Beach, a quieter & less developed area on the Southwest coast of Koh Chang island. You can expect value for money accommodations here due to less tourists in this area. There are not many attractive beaches around & less variety of restaurants, but there are a few cheap local Thai food restaurants here. The main attraction in Bailan is probably Mercure Hideaway Resort with very pleasant environment. If you plan to stay here, you need to rent a motorbike to move around. 

Recommended Hotels & Resorts in Bailan Beach

Recommended Budget Hotels in Bailan Beach

10 Bang Bao Beach

Bang Bao Beach, beautiful scenery from the lighthouse of the pier and with good long stretch of shallow beach. This is a fishing village with many seafood restaurants & souvenirs shops along the pier. It is also the main departure pier for people who go for diving & snorkelling, thus, the pier is very busy & crowded during daytime. But in the evening, the whole beach is rather quiet since there are not many bars to hang around and the best activity at night here is barbecue session.

Recommended Hotels & Resorts in Bang Bao Beach

Recommended Budget Hotels in Bang Bao Beach

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