Koh Lipe enjoys a great reputation and is spoken by travel writers and on web blogs in almost reverential terms. Visitors’ common activities include: sight seeing natural scenery, water sports such as snorkeling and kayaking, boat trips to nearby islands and reefs such as Ko Adang and Ko Ra Wi, drinking and dining, particularly fresh seafood on a walking street. 

Best Things To Do in Koh Lipe

Best things to do in Koh Lipe

Pattaya Beach is the first beach you step on to the island by boat. The main pier & the Immigration Department is here as well. This the most popular beach and suitable for children to play around during daytime. It has a beautiful coastline and there are many food vendors selling drinks & some snacks on the beach. It is a great place to relax, swim and enjoy the sunbath here. Besides that, the beach also offers water sports activities like jet-ski, parasailing and even snorkeling to the visitors. You can find bunch of seafood restaurants & massage shops all around. 

02 Sunset Beach – Picturesque Sunset View

If you want to stay away from the crowded, Sunset Beach is probably the right choice for you. It is quieter during daytime and the main activity here is snorkeling as there are many corals & fish on this shallow beach. There are a few small bars where you can buy some beers while relaxing on the beach. In the evening, this quiet place will be packed by people from 6 pm onward. The main reason for the crowd to come during this period is due to the picturesque sunset view. This is definitely an unforgettable moment for all tourists. 

03 Sunrise Beach – Fascinating Sunrise View

The widest shallow beach on the island with white soft sand & clear water, making it the best place for swimming, snorkeling & sunbathing. This is also a nice place to see all types of corals during low tide. As the name suggests, most of the people come here as early as 6 am just to wait for the sunrise. Many visitors have their morning jog or even yoga here while waiting for the fascinating sunrise moment. If you are a party lover & reluctant to wake up early, you will miss an important experience on the island.

04 Snorkeling & Scuba Diving – Best Things To Do in Koh Lipe for Snorkelers

05 Ko Tarutao 

Ko Taruao is one of the island under the Karutao National Marine Park archipelago situated on the East of Koh Lipe. The island is 26.5 km long and 11 km wide. The highest point, above sea level, is over 700 m. Rain-forest covers the island by more than 70 per cent. The journey from Ko Lipe to Ko Tarutao takes about 45 minutes by speed boat. Among the popular activities on the island including bird watching & shell collecting. The calm, clear water also makes the Tarutao Marine Park area ideal for snorkeling, with 25% of the world’s tropical fish species found in the area.

06 Ko Adang

Ko Adang, situated at the North of Koh Lipe is the second second biggest island within Tarutao National Marine Park. The island is 6 km in length and 5 km in width. The island’s highest point is 690 m. The island is surrounded by a few sandy beaches, the hilly interior is covered in dense jungle & there are two waterfalls on Ko Adang. It also has a few mountain trails suitable for hiking through the jungle forest & along the way there is a  view point offers great views over the nearby island of Ko Lipe and the sea panorama behind. On the southern tip (closest to Ko Lipe) there are camping facilities as well as bungalows.

07 Ko Ra Wi

Ko Ra Wi, is located just about 1 km West of Ko Adang. It is also an island under the Karutao National Marine Park archipelago. This island has an area of about 29 sq km but there is no accommodation on the island. It has a beautiful & white sandy beach, crystal clear sea & calm water. Most of the tourists will come during noon time to have lunch & spend a few hours here to enjoy swimming, snorkeling, diving on the coral reef and play with the fish.

08 Ko Bu Tang

Ko Bu Tang, situated just West of Ko Ra Wi has become one of the most popular islands to dive. The island supports many bird and animal species. There is a beach name Monkey Bay where you can see a lot of macaque monkeys live on that area. Giant corals and shellfish grow everywhere  and you can find a lot of stingray fish around this island. Expect to see endless rows of tall coral-heads, turtles and rare critters such as the ornamental ghost pipe fish and sharks sleeping under the corals.

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