There are many attractions, activities & things to do in Batam, such as water sports, fishing, go-karting, and beaches for swimming or playing with the kids. Just for the adventurous there are cable ski resort, Jet Ski, para-sailing and banana boats.

Even though Batam is relatively small, but it is very busy due to it’s strategic location neighboring just only 20 km from Singapore and 25 km from Johor in Malaysia. Most of the tourists will drop by Batam Island by boat after visiting Singapore or Southern Malaysia as this is the easiest way to reach the island. 

There are many ports on the island connecting both Singapore & Malaysia. Harbour Bay, Batam Centre, Sekupang, Waterfront City, Nongsapura and Telaga Punggur are the main ports on Batam. Harbour Bay terminal has the fastest voyage time, 45 minutes away from Singapore HarbourFront Centre & Batam Centre Ferry Terminal has ferry connections from Singapore and Johor Bahru, Malaysia. 

20 Best Things To Do in Batam

Turi Beach Batam

Turi Beach or Pantai Turi, is at the most Northeast tip of the island, about 12 km from airport & within 3 km from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal. This is a private beach owned by Turi Beach Resort. The white sandy beach resort is not open for public, you can only enjoy all the facilities unless you are the guests of the resort. Surrounded by tropical greenery, the beach resort offers all kinds of activities like flyboard, jet-ski, parasailing, ATV ride, etc. – Best things to do in Batam for family.

02 Nongsa Beach

Nongsa Beach or Pantai Nongsa, is another popular destination for family outing. It is about 5 km from Turi Beach & 13 km from airport. The beach offers a comfortable & natural atmosphere which allows you to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the busy Batam City centre. It is also one of the best sunset views on the island and along the beach, there are some luxury resorts, restaurants & souvenir shops. Nongsa Beach is also recommended as one of the snorkeling spot on the island. 

03 Aqua Adventure Track

Aqua Adventure Track, is the latest attraction on the island located in Nuvasa Bay, Nongsa. Tourist can enjoy the water sport and lush rain-forest all in one location. There’s a lovely long white sandy beach, crystal-clear blue waters to swim in and jump around on the Aqua Adventure Track, a large family water sports park. There are at least 7 water rides that are at the sea, starting from the Aqua Adventure Track, jetski, banana boat, knee boarding, snorkeling, canoeing and mangrove Tour. – Best thing to do in Batam for water sports lovers.

04 Masjid Raya Batam (Grand Mosque of Batam)

Masjid Raya Batam or Masjid Agung Batam, is a famous mosque located in Dataran Engku Putri (Engku Putri Center Park), Batam Centre. The mosque has a dome with a unique shape that is designed rectangular like a pyramid. This mosque is equipped with a tower as high as 66 m. Apart from being a place of worship, this mosque is also a popular tourist attraction. Besides the mosque, the park itself offers many facilities like skate park, jogging track and wall climbing. The park is extremely crowded in the morning.

05 Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple

Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple, is the biggest Buddhist temple and monastery in Indonesia. The temple was founded in 1991 on a 4.5 hectares land in Batam Centre. There is a 5 meters high gold-plated statue, called Maitreya Buddha located in front of the monastery at the 2nd floor. In addition to the statue of Maitreya Buddha, the monastery also houses other statues of Buddha such as the statue of Buddha Gautama, the Goddess Kwan Im, Satya Kalama, Amitabha, Baisajyaguru and others. The statues are scattered with each peculiar one at different parts of the monastery.

06 Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall

Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, is one of very few mall in Batam that cover all your dining, shopping and entertainment needs all under one roof. It is the biggest shopping mall in Batam Island and the most complete departmental store in town, selling all kinds of clothes, sports equipment, accessories, bags, shoes and household appliances. There is a food-court offering a wide range of local cuisine at an affordable price and many other fast food restaurants like KFC, A&W and Pizza Hut. 

07 Mega Wisata Ocarina Batam

Mega Wisata Ocarina Batam, is a popular water theme park covering approximately 40 hectares of land located at the edge of Teluk Kering. There is a stunning white sandy beach with shady pine trees, a playground area for youngsters, an open stage with capacity for 10,000 people and a green garden lined with a gazebo and a track for jogging. The park also offers a Giant Wheel with a diameter of about 30 meters, Extreme Sky runners, Spin Tower, Robot Rail, 360 degrees Giant Swing and many more. 

08 Dino’s Gate

Dino’s Gate, is one of the newest attractions on the island which open in December 2019. This attractive theme-park displays various types of dinosaurs & serves as a learning hub for kids. At the entrance, there is rabbit farm house and in the middle of the park there is small pond with a few small dinosaurs. Behind of this, there is a man-made waterfall surrounded by 3 giant dinosaurs. It looks like real, especially when the dinosaur moves around swinging its head. – Best thing to do in Batam with kids.

09 The Illusion

The Illusion, is a trick-art & 3D studio and museum. There are about 28 studios all with its own unique features like upside down rooms, 45 degree room of Michael Jackson Moon Walker pose, illusion mirrors, etc. There are also many 3D illusion art painting on the walls & floors. Perhaps, this is one of the best place or best things to do in Batam for you Instagram session. The friendly staffs there are always around to guide & help to take the best effect of photos for all the visitors. 

10 Miniature House

Miniature House, an unknown attraction to most of the tourist just within walking distance next to The Illusion above. It is a small garden area displays miniature model of traditional Indonesian houses. There are about 33 houses which built exactly like the real traditional houses but just in miniature size with the average height of about 1.5 m to 2 m. In front of each miniature, there are information about the name & the origin of each house. This place is also one of the popular location for picnic. 

11 Vihara Budhi Bhakti (大悲佛堂)

Vihara Budhi Bhakti or Tua Pek Kong Temple in Hokkien, is the oldest temple in Batam built in 1970. This is a famous & popular temple for Confucian and Buddhist communities in Batam as well as tourists from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea and Japan. Apart from being a place of worship, this place also has an amazing architecture and peaceful atmosphere. There are many food stalls around the temple as well. The temple is extremely crowded during special occasion like Chinese New Year. 

12 Pura Agung Amerta Bhuana

Pura Agung Amerta Bhuana, is the largest Hindu temple in Batam which was built in 1999 on an area of ​​2 hectares adopting a combination of classical and contemporary building architecture. It is also the tallest Padmasana in Indonesia with a height of 13 meters and 28 meters above sea level. There is a staircase leading to the Candi Bentar which is the entrance gate or barrier between the Nista Mandala part and the outside of the temple. This temple is a place for Hindu communities to pray and worship.

13 Batam Forest Top

Batam Forest Top, is a recreation & adventure forest park located at Dangas Hill, Sekupang. This natural forest hill top is the best view point for Sekupang town. The hill top also offers various challenging & exciting games like Tarzan Swing, Post Man, Tandem Rope, Flying Fox, Cargo Net, Zig-zag Line, etc. There are at least 15 types of games on Forest Top. You can also experience like a Tarzan climbing up to tree, hanging, creeping and moving from one tree to another. – Best thing to do in Batam for adventurers.

14 Tebing Langit

Tebing Langit or the edge of the sky in English, is just next to Batam Forest Top. Tebing Langit offers a scenic spot overlooking the town of Sekupang and the sunset view is amazing & picturesque. This place has become viral especially on the social media like Facebook & Instagram in the recent year. There are approximately 11 picture spots here like natural mattress, twig cave, twig house, sky door, picture frame, hobbit house, bird nest, kiss box, mini flying fox and many more. A must visit place if you come to Batam. – Best thing to do in Batam for Instagram moment.

15 Mata Kucing Jungle Tour and Mini Zoo

Mata Kucing Jungle has an total area of about 200 acres. Visitors have an opportunity to see all kinds of animals in this forest, such as bears, arowana fish, tiger Fish, alligators, birds, cats, squirrels, monkeys gibbons, lizards, etc. Mata Kucing Forest contains over 20 protected animals, and these animals are kept in a mini zoo in the forest. Aside from birds, there are plenty of tropical plants and trees in the forest and some are typical of Batam or Indonesia. There is also a swimming pool which is open for public.

16 Batam Cable-Ski

Batam Cable-Ski, located at Marina Waterfront City, Sekupang is the oldest and longest cable ski in Batam. It was built in 1992 and the first Cable-Ski Park in Asia. While operated over a quarter of a century ago, this park is never empty from visitors , especially international tourists. Apart from the main cable-ski, the park also provides several other facilities that can be used free of charge,such as trampoline, table tennis, billiards &mini basketball court. – Best thing to do in Batam for cable-ski lovers.

17 Waterpark Top 100 Batu Aji

Waterpark Top 100 Batu Aji, is located right behind the Mall Top 100 occupying an area of ​​over 1.5 hectares. Due to its strategic location, this is the most popular destinations among the local families especially during weekend. The Top 100 offers various kinds of pools & slides such as, water playground, kids slide, adult water slide, super bowl slide, waterfall, lazy river or flow pool and many more. There are also food stalls in within the water-park. The facilities here could easily let you spend a day out.

18 Barelang Bridge

Barelang Bridge (Jembatan Barelang), is the landmark and one of the most popular destinations in Batam. This is a chain of 6 bridges connecting Batam Island, Tonton Island, Nipah Island, Rempang, Galang and Galang Baru Island. These 6 bridges are namely, Tengku Fisabilillah Bridge (Bridge I – the longest), Bridge Narasimha (Bridge II), Bridges Raja Ali Haji (Bridges III), Bridges Sultan Zainal Abidin (Bridge IV), Bridges Tuanku Tambusai (Bridges V) & Bridge Raja Kecik (Bridge VI). Travelling from the first bridge to the last is about 54 km.

19 Pulau Abang

Pulau Abang, is located at the South of Batam Island. It is famous for it’s crystal clear water, sandy beaches, colorful coral reefs & all types of colorful fishes. This is one of the best spots for scuba diving  & snorkeling activities in Batam. Rent a car in Batam Centre and it takes about 2 hour journey to reach Barelang Bridge VI, then get a boat (or better known as pompong by local) which takes about 30 minutes to reach Pulau Abang. – Best thing to do in Batam for Scuba divers & snorkelers. 

20 Spa & Massage

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