In Lombok, tourism is a significant source of revenue. After Bali, the Indonesian government has extensively pushed Lombok and neighboring Sumbawa as Indonesia’s second most popular tourist destination. Beautiful beaches, amazing marine life, lush forest, breathtaking waterfalls, and Mount Rinjani, the huge & beautiful volcano, are just a few of the top things to do in Lombok, which is also less touristy than Bali.

Despite the fact that Lombok attracts millions of tourists each year, many areas of the island remain undeveloped. Lombok is able to create a steady buzz and attract visitors looking for something different from its neighboring Bali. If you want to travel and spend some quality time in nature, this is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for you. 

So, here are some of the most popular and the best things to do in Lombok:

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31 Best Things To Do in Lombok

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01 Tetebatu Village – Experience Authentic Lombok Village Life

Tetebatu Village Lombok

Tetebatu Village is a small town near Mount Rinjani National Park in the south, and it is one of the unofficial hiking trails to the mount. It is a tranquil and scenic rural area located 700 metres above sea level that allows visitors to meet the locals & experience authentic Lombok village life. This area is best known for its cultural attractions. Traditional Sasak handicraft workers can be found throughout the town, producing black terracotta and basketry. Tourists come here for the coffee and coconut oil, as well.

02 Tetebatu Monkey Forest – Explore The Hidden Waterfalls

Tetebatu Monkey Forest is a popular stopover for most visitors to Tetabatu Village who are interested in nature. It’s about 4 kilometres north of town, and you can expect to see a lot of macaques as well as some pleasant landscape and hidden waterfalls. There are a few waterfalls along the way, but the most popular ones are Air Terjun Sarang Walet, Air Terjun Durian Indah, and Tetebatu Waterfall. Remember to hire a knowledgeable local guide to assist you in capturing the most memorable moments.

03 Otak Kokok Joben – Bathing in The Natural Mountainous Atmosphere

Otak Kokok is not famous among foreign tourists, it is packed with locals on weekends and holidays. The major attraction here is a 5-meter-high waterfall that originates from Mount Rinjani and flows out through fractures, pyroclastic, and scoria tuff. There are also 2 swimming pools each for children and adults. Bathing in the water of this waterfall, according to locals, can heal a variety of diseases and help people recover from all illness. Worth paying a visit to enjoy the cool and relaxing ambience while bathing in the pool.

04 Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu Waterfall – Explore The Hidden Paradise in Central Lombok

Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu are two nearby waterfalls that are only a 10-15 minute walk apart. These are some of the most stunning and well-known waterfalls on the island of Lombok.

Benang Stokel contains 3 waterfalls that are side by side, each around 20 metres high. The water is crystal clear and cool. A large and very deep pond on the other side may be seen at the bottom of the waterfall. Those with the courage can jump from the top of the waterfall into the beautiful and refreshing pool. 

You can continue your journey to Benang Kelambu Waterfall by walking 1 km after experiencing Benang Setokel Waterfall. The stunning waterfall will take your breath away as soon as you arrive. This water appears to be coming from a tangle of plants, but it actually comes from a series of springs that emerge directly from the cliff’s fractures.

Benang Kelambu waterfall has 3 levels. The topmost level comes directly from the spring, and has a height of about 30 meters. The second level is a continuation of the first level, with a height of about 10 meters. The third level has a height of only 5 meters.

Benang Stokel Waterfall

Air Terjun Benang Stokel Lombok

Benang Kelambu Waterfall

Things To Do in Lombok

05 Taman Wisata Pusuk Sembalun – Witness The Natural Beauty of Pusuk Sembalun Park

Taman Wisata Pusuk Sembalun (Pusuk Sembalun Tourism Park) is a highland located 1,000 metres above sea level and is part of the Mount Rinjani hiking trail. Visitors may take in a panoramic view of Mount Rinjani’s splendour, which is enchanted by its lush forest and still appears natural. Furthermore, the beauty of the steep and towering cliffs may be seen from this vantage point. Visitors should check the weather forecast and try to avoid visiting during the rainy season. Meantime, keep an eye on the wild monkeys.

06 Pergasingan Hill – Best Things To Do In Lombok for Hikers & Campers

The natural beauty of Pergasingan Hill is interesting. From the start of the trail to the top of the hill, the natural scenery changes dramatically. Views of checkered rice fields, tranquil Sembalun Village, steep terrain, and the spectacular Mount Rinjani will greet you at the start of the ascent. At the height of about 1700 meters above sea level, this hill is very famous among the adventurers, nature lovers, mountain climbers & campers. Besides the panoramic view, this also one of the best spots to catch the sunrise moment.

07 Sendang Gile Waterfall & Tiu Kelep Waterfall – Hike to The Best Waterfalls in Northern Lombok

If you look at a Google map, the placement of these two nearby waterfalls is a little puzzling. On Google Maps, we can see Sendang Gile Waterfall and another place that shows Air Terjun Sendeng Gile (Air Terjun means Waterfall; all names are the same), however Sendeng Gile actually refers to Tiu Kelep Waterfall. If you wish to visit these waterfalls, it is recommended that you hire a local tour guide.

Sendang Gile Waterfall is located in Senaru village. This is the first stop before heading to Tiu Kelep Waterfall. This waterfall with a height of about 40 meteres is located within the Mount Rinjani National Park and serves as the main gateway to the Mount Rinjani climb. In this beautiful forest, bathing, enjoying the freshness and clarity of mountain springs, and shooting selfies are among the best things to do here.

Tiu Kelep Waterfall is about 30 minutes walking distance continue uphill from Sendang Gile. This will entail a difficult ascent, and travellers must exercise caution when passing through the rocks to cross the river, which is rather slippery. Below the falls, there is a wonderful swimming pool with very cool, refreshing water.

Sendang Gile Waterfall

Sendang Gile Waterfall Lombok

Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Tiu Kelep Waterfall Lombok

08 Mount Rinjani – Hike Lombok’s Tallest Mountain

Mount Rinjani is a well-known tourist destination across the world, particularly among European climbers. This active volcano, with a height of 3,726 metres, is Indonesia’s second tallest volcano. The mountain’s lower and middle levels are heavily forested. The slopes are desolate and craggy scree slopes and volcanic rock above the tree line. 

The dry season (End May – October) is the best time to climb Mount Rinjani . Despite the fact that trekking is feasible during the rainy season, excursions are regularly cancelled owing to heavy rain. Local guides usually offer 3 Days 2 Nights trekking packages to Mount Rinjani. It gets very chilly on the mountain over 2,000 metres, and it gets near to freezing at the summit. At all times, warm clothing is essential. 

The Lake Segara Anak and the natural Aik Kalak hot springs are two of the peak’s highlights, in addition to climbing and camping. Segara Anak is a crater lake known as “Child of the Sea” because the water in the lake is the same color as the sea. The volcano heats the water keeping the temperature at around 20–22 °C while also releasing gas bubbles into it. While Aik Kalak consists of three hot springs (at the crater rim), locals believe that swimming in one of them will help to slow down the ageing process and rejuvenate the body.

Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani Lombok Indonesia

Lake Segara Anak

Lake Segara Anak Lombok Indonesia

Aik Kalak Hot Springs

Aik Kalak Hot Springs Lombok Indonesia

09 Lombok Wildlife Park- Meet The Exotic Wildlife in Lombok

Lombok Wildlife Park is the home to over 195 animals from 50 different species, and they are well taken care by a group of professionally trained personnel. In a day visit, you’ll be able to meet friendly orangutans, elephants, beautiful birds, and reptiles at this unique wildlife park. Visitors can take a mud bath and interact with elephants, or stroll hand in hand with adorable orangutans. You can also have a photo shoot with a variety of colorful birds and reptiles. One of the best things to do in Lombok with Family.

10 Gili Islands – Discover Lombok’s Best Snorkeling and Diving Spots

The Gili Islands are one of Lombok’s most popular tourist destinations & known for its white sand beaches, crystal clear water, and a diverse array of marine life and coral formations. These islands are well worth a visit as they offer a wide range of activities for all types of vacationers. Gili Islands has it everything for snorkelers, scuba divers, honeymooners, partygoers, nature lovers, beach lovers, singles, and couples to discover. On each of these islands, a diverse choice of accommodation options are available to suit all budgets. 

Gili Air

In comparison to the other two, Gili Air offers a more rural laid-back vibe. It draws families and couples seeking a peaceful and relaxing environment away from the masses. It has seen an increase of backpackers in recent years, owing to the island’s budget hotels being the cheapest of the three Gili Islands.

Gili Meno

The beaches on Gili Meno are far superior to those on the other two islands. It’s also the calmest of the three islands, making it ideal for honeymooners or couples looking for nature and romance away from the crowds.

Gili Trawangan

Gili Traeangan, dubbed “The Party Island” by some, is the largest, most visited, and most expensive of the three. Certain resorts may charge as much as $400 per night. It offers the best nightlife scene of the 3 Gili Islands and is known as a wild party destination.

Gili Air

Gili Air Island Lombok

Gili Meno

Bask Nest Underwater Statues Gili Meno Lombok

Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan Beach Lombok

10 Best Things To Do In Gili Islands

The Gili Islands have a variety of activities and attractions to offer. Overall, these islands are fairly laid-back and relaxing, with no traffic or other distractions. The following are some of the best things to do on the Gili Islands:

  • Snorkelling & Diving – The main draw to these islands and there are at least more than 15 dive sites surrounding the 3 Gili islands. The Bask Nest Underwater Statues are one of the most famous.
  • Subwing – A new water activity in which you are slowly pulled behind a boat.
  • Surfing – Locals often surf off the south end of both Gili Trawnagan and Gili Air, despite the lack of surfing locations.
  • Islands Hopping – Rent private boats to cruise the 3 Gilis or join the “Party Boat” and experience the wildest boat party. 
  • Rest & Relax on The Beach – Beautiful beaches can be found all around the islands, where you may swim, walk, relax, and view the stunning sunset.
  • Bicycle Ride – Because there are no motorized vehicles on these islands, rent a bicycle to get about.
  • Yoga – Yoga courses are available on the islands in a number of locations.
  • Visit Turtle Sanctuary – In the southeast of Gili Meno, see the newborn turtles in their pools and discover more about these loggerhead turtles.
  • Visit Saltwater Lake – The one & only huge saltwater lake in Gili Meno.
  • Gili Cooking Classes – Take a cooking lesson to learn more about authentic Indonesian cuisine.

11 Pandanan Beach – Chill & Relax on Pandanan Beach

Pandanan Beach, located in northwest Lombok, is a beach with a unique natural beauty. Surprisingly, few tour operators or travel websites promote this magnificent exotic beach with its long shoreline, turquoise and clear ocean, and soft white sand. The beach is also surrounded by the lush coconut trees along the shore. Because it is not very touristic, the atmosphere is calm and pleasant. Swimming, fishing, snorkelling, and water activities such as banana boating and kayaking are among the best things to do on this beach.

12 Nipah Beach

Nipah Beach is another beautiful white sand beach just within 4 km away from Pandanan Beach. It is located in a beautiful bay (Nipah Bay), with traditional fishing activities and a picturesque mountain backdrop. Keep an eye out for the entry to this beach if you’re travelling along the coastal road, as it’s not especially conspicuous. With tranquil seas and fishing boats lining the gorgeous curve of the shoreline, this is the best place for photography enthusiasts. On the shore, there are numerous cheap grilled fish vendors.

13 Malimbu Hill & Malimbu Beach 

Malimbu Hill is located just at the south end of Malimbu Beach. Though Malimbu Hill has no amenities, it is a great photo spot with views of both Nipah Beach and Malimbu Beach. This viewpoint also offers a beautiful view of the 3 Gilis and the silhouette of Mount Agung Bali. Not only that, but catching a beautiful sunset is a common pastime here. On Malimbu Beach, which is known for its moderate surf, swimming and canoeing are two of the most popular activities.

14 Senggigi 

Senggigi is Lombok’s oldest and most developed tourist destination. The area is noted for its gorgeous white sand beaches, as well as a variety of services like as restaurants, bars, discotheques, travel agents, convenience stores, money changers, banks, and souvenir shops, as well as a choice of accommodations ranging from affordable guesthouses to five-star hotels.

The region is made up of numerous nearby but significantly diverse areas that run the length of the 10-kilometer beachfront route. While pockets of development can still be seen in some areas, there remain large swaths of untouched land in the middle. As a result, booking a hotel in Senggigi requires extra caution, especially for first-timers, due to the remote location of the town centre, which can only be reached by taxi.

The popular beaches along the long stretch of coastal road are Klui Beach, Senggigi Beach, and Kerandangan Beach. The most popular activities in these areas include diving, snorkeling, surfing, fishing, and trekking. 

Klui Beach

Klui Beach Lombok Indonesia

Senggigi Beach

Senggigi Beach Lombok Indonesia

Kerandangan Beach

Kerandangan Beach Lombok

15 Pura Batu Bolong – Witness The Spectacular Sunset View of This Temple

Pura Batu Bolong is a modest Hindu temple named after a rock (Batu) with a hole (Bolong) that is located in a picturesque place on a short headland overlooking Senggigi beach. According to mythology, this 14 altars temple was built in 1533 by a sage named Dang Hyang Dwijendra (also the founder of Tanah Lot Temple in Bali) who brought Hinduism to Java, Bali and Lombok. The temple is reached through a short path, and the remarkable structure will astound you. Sunsets can be spectacular from this vantage point.

16 West Nusa Tenggara State Museum – Best Things to do in Lombok for Culture Enthusiasts

This is a well-kept provincial state museum with a total collection of 7,387 items relating to traditional Lombok and Sumbawa arts, as well as allied subjects including geology, archaeology, architecture, biology, ceramics, paintings, and others. They demonstrate everything we need to know about the people, culture, and value of life in the West Nusa Tenggara. The museum also exhibit colonial coins from Portugal, Spain, and the Netherlands, and traditional weapons from the Bima Sultanate of Mataram. 

17 Mayura Park – Learn The History of Karangasem Kingdom

Mayura Park was built in 1744 by King Anak Agung Ngurah Made Karangasem, the king of Mataram Kingdom. The park was originally known as Kelepug Palace Gardens, inspired by the sound of the pool water (Kelepug-kelepug) flowing out of the spring in the middle of the pond. When the park were rebuilt by A.A Ngurah Gde Karangasem in 1866, the name was changed to Mayura park temple. The park is split into two sections: park and temple. It combines nature, religion & history to create a unique environment.

18 Narmada Botanic Garden – Enjoy Your Instagram Session with Family

Narmada Botanic Garden is occasionally mentioned as a water park, temple, botanic garden, or even a swimming pool by locals. The park was built in 1727 and is now regarded as one of the most sacred places in Lombok, as well as a very scenic location for sunflowers. It includes a large swimming pool, a fountain (Bale Petirtaan), a temple (Pura Narmada – the eighth oldest temple on the island of Lombok), and a residence (Bale Loji – home of the royal family with basement which overlooked the swimming pool).

19 Gili Kedis, Gili Sudak, Gili Tangkong & Gili Nanggu – Secret Gili Islands Hopping

A group of small islands (also known as Secret Gili Islands) just off the southwest coast of Lombok, surrounded by beautiful coral reefs and vibrant marine life. These are very remote islands with significantly fewer visitors than the Gili Islands group to the northwest, owing to the lack of amenities.

These locations will be the best alternative to the famed Gili Islands group if you prefer a peaceful beach scene with a group of friends or love one. When visitors arrive on these islands, they will be astounded by the pristine white sand beaches and crystal clear water. Swimming, snorkeling, diving, and camping are all popular activities in this area.

Gili Kedis

Gili Sudak

Gili Tangkong

Gili Nanggu

20 Gili Gede, Gili Asahan, Gili Layar & Gili Rengit 

Another series of adjacent islands that form part of the “Secret Gili Islands” off the southwestern coast of Lombok. Despite their lack of fame, they are gradually becoming a popular destination for individuals looking for a more personal escape from the masses.

Gili Gede is the largest and most well-known of the Secret Gilis, with about 5 villages and more than 1,000 residents who are predominantly fishermen. With a length of 4 km and a width of 1.6 km, this island offers some lodging (mostly has it’s own restaurant) and tourism options (don’t expect a supermarket).

They, like the other Secret Gilis, have a lot of gorgeous and wild sandy beaches, and the main activities are still swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and diving. While on vacation on the island of Lombok, all travelers should make time to visit these group of islands.

Gili Gede

Gili Asahan

Gili Layar

Gili Rengit

21 Desert Point – Best Things To Do in Southwest Lombok for Surfers

Desert Point, located on the island’s southwestern tip, is the most well-known wave in Lombok Island, with long wide shoulders and ideal surfing conditions. The captivating left-hand barrels surf has been voted “The Best Wave in the World” by readers of Australia’s Tracks magazine. Desert Point is known for long flat spells and requires a solid ground swell to break well. It is sometimes only rideable for a few hours per week. Because of the extremely deep sea in the Lombok straits, the tidal surge is enormous.

22 Selong Belanak Beach

Selong Belanak Beach  has a lovely long coastline with fine white sand beaches and crystal clear blue waters. As one of the most prestigious beaches in south Lombok, it has its own distinct qualities and charm. It’s a great place to hang out with friends or family while having beach activities like snorkeling, marine photography, swimming, BBQ, or simply relaxing. With its calm waves and long stretch of beach, it is also a popular place for individuals who want to learn surfing. Locals offer a variety of surf lessons.

23 Mawi Beach (Pantai Mawi)

Mawi Beach is another lovely beach in south Lombok with charming natural landscape just next to Selong Belanak Beach. This secret gem, hidden amid green hills and a little off the beaten path, provides an option for both local and international surfers. On high tide, it produces mellower waves for beginner surfers. Best at mid-tide, when the fun barrels are at their best. Low tide is surfable, but with a shallow and rough reef, it can be dangerous. This beach is popular with surfers and European beachgoers.

24 Telawas Beach – A Must Visit Beach for Photographers

Telawas Beach is not popular among surfers or beachgoers since it is not suitable for swimming or surfing. The beach is dominated by sharp coral rocks and has strong waves, which is the main reason for this. However, these rocks are unusual in that they are located surrounding the shore and provide an incredible view that attracts many professional photographers from all over the world. During high tide, most of the rock mounds will disappear and only  resurface when the sea water recedes.

25 Mawun Beach – The Best Beach in South Lombok for Family Outing

Mawun Beach is one of the most beautiful and remote beaches on Lombok’s south coast. It’s located in a half-moon bay with pristine sand and crystal clear water. Shape of the beach is like a horseshoe and it sits between 2 hills, with varying water depths and wave strength. Waves are slightly stronger in the middle, which is ideal for surfing. Meanwhile, it is relatively calm for swimming at both ends near the hills. It has recently grown quite busy, particularly on weekends, when some local families come for the sunrise or sunset.

26 Kuta Beach Lombok, Mandalika Beach & Seger Beach – Join The Crowd & Enjoy The Beach

Kuta Beach on Lombok has the same name as Kuta Beach on Bali. When most people think of Kuta Beach, they immediately think of Bali. If you’ve ever visited Kuta Lombok, you’ll be astounded by the spectacular scenery. It features sparkling white sand and transparent blue-green sea, and the vistas and views are breathtaking, with cliffs and mountains approaching the coast. In addition to various beach activities such as snorkeling, surfing, banana boats, and parasailing, this is also a popular surf spot.

27 Merese Hills

Merese Hills (Bukit Merese) is a spectacular viewpoint that is separated into various sections, each of which provides a unique view. The hill, which is scented with green grass, offers a spectacular view of the coastline, Tanjung Aan, and even the Indian Ocean. The stunning turquoise blue sea that surrounds this hill allows visitors to choose the best spot for their instagram session. The optimum time to climb this hill is either early in the morning to see the sunrise or in the evening to view the sunset

28 Tanjung Aan Beach – Explore The Hidden Gem in Southern Lombok

Tanjung Aan is a lovely, isolated bay in the south of Lombok that has been designated for high-end resort development. The pearlescent coastline of this beach, which faces the glittering ocean, spans for almost 2 kilometers. The green hill at the back and the crystal clear ocean in front, together with the brilliant blue sky, provide a wonderful scenic atmosphere for all beachgoers. On top of that, the sand here has a very fine texture, almost like pepper. Swimming, snorkeling & surfing are the main activities in this area.

29 Ekas Bay Beach – Get to Know the Friendly Locals

Ekas Bay Beach is a tranquil area on Lombok’s southeast coast that is underappreciated. This sparkling white sand beach is widely spreads and boasts a unique panorama. In addition, it also has a diverse range of coastal ecosystems. Apart from popular activities like snorkeling and diving, mingle with the friendly local fishermen in their village is another excellent option. You may learn how the fishermen use simple tools to construct their fishing boats & unique floating huts. Those huts are made to grow fish and shrimp.

30 Pink Beach Lombok (Pantai Tangsi) – Fishing at Lombok’s Famous Pink Beach

Pink Beach, popularly known by locals as Pantai Tangsi, is a renowned tourist destination worth visiting owing to its distinctiveness. This is one of only 2 pink sand beaches in Indonesia, and one of only 7 in the world. The pink color of the sand is formed because the original white sand grains are mixed with pink coral flakes. The refraction of sunlight and exposure to sea water makes the pink color of the beach more clearly visible. One of the most popular activities is fishing on the adjacent smaller islands.

31 Tanjung Ringgit & Pantai Tanjung Bloam – Admire the Natural Splendour of Southeast Lombok

If Pink Beach is on your bucket list when visiting Lombok, it’s not a bad idea to spend some time at both of these locations for the gorgeous natural scenery. Despite the fact that both locations feature gorgeous sandy beaches, crystal clear water, limestone cliffs, and dramatic scenery along the surrounding coastline, they are both quite remote and, in the case of Tanjung Ringgit, may take hours to reach due to the cobbled roads. 

Unless you’re a nature lover or a photographer, these locations unquestionably heaven on earth. Tanjung Ringgit is mostly surrounded by preserved forest, and the majority of its residents are farmers. It features lovely white sand beaches and a long white cliff where an old cave used by Japanese soldiers during WWII may be found. Meanwhile, it provides a spectacular morning vista.

Pantai Tanjung Bloam is within 4 km away from Tanjung Ringgit. It is well recognised as a turtle protection area in Lombok, with its habitat extending from the south to the north end of the coastline. The beach here is unlike any other on Lombok in terms of attractiveness. Tanjung Bloam features land extending into the sea with towering mossy rocks, in addition to white sand and blue sea.

Tanjung Ringgit

Pantai Tanjung Bloam 

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