Best Places To Stay in Pattaya

Pattaya has a wide variety of cheap mid-range rooms, and a moderate range of more upmarket options. Among all, Soi Buakhao in Central Pattaya offers a lots of fairly cheap guest houses and is popular for long-stay tourists. Other inexpensive hotels also can be found in Soi LK Metro. Unfortunately, very few of these can be booked online or can be found on hotel reservation pages. 

Like for all Thailand resort areas, hotel prices are extremely seasonal. High season dates vary from hotel to hotel, but prices usually go up considerably during the time of Christmas-New Year, and are lower between February and October. Basically, the cheapest locations are above bars or massage shops, which can be noisy at night. Generally speaking there is no need to book in advance for these type of budget hotels.

4 Best Places To Stay in Pattaya

Best Places To Stay in Pattaya

If you plan to spend your time for bars hopping at night, this is the best place to stay in Pattaya. Walking Street is located in South Pattaya on the Eastern Seaboard along the coast of the Gulf of Siam. The street is about 760 meters in length with 2 main gates at both end. The North Gate is the main entrance from Beach Road and the South Gate is near to Bali Hai Pier where you can take a ferry to Hua Hin. 

The whole street is rather quiet during day time, but it will be closed to all vehicles from 7pm until 3am and it transforms into the best ever nightlife hot spot in Pattaya. The only setback staying in this area is less star rated hotels.

Recommended Hotels near Walking Street

02 Central Pattaya, Beach Road

The Beach Road starts right after the main entrance to Walking Street. This 2.8km stretch of road is full with hotels, shops & bars. There are also a few shopping malls like Royal Garden Plaza, Mike Shopping Mall & Central Festival in this central area.

Besides Beach Road, Soi 7, Soi 8 & Soi Buakhao are also very popular among tourists because of the cheaper hotels & foods. The distance from Walking Street to these areas is about 10-15 minutes by tuk tuk. 

Recommended Star Rated Hotels near Beach Road

Recommended Budget Hotels near Soi Buakhao

03 North Pattaya

A relatively quiet area with no bar and attraction. This is the ideal place to escape from the noise & crowd. Pattaya is a resort city by itself, most of the good resorts are situated in this area. There are many good quality hotels & resorts concentrated here and of course with quite expensive  prices. If you plan your trip with your family or love one, this is definitely a right place to stay. 

Recommended Star Rated Hotels near North Pattaya

Recommended Budget Hotels near North Pattaya

04 Jomtien Beach

Jomtien Beach, about 6km south of Walking Street is a booming area in the past few years with many  high-rise condominiums, beach side hotels, beaches, and restaurants. Quite similar to North Pattaya, this is also a quiet area with less entertainment at night. But, this small town offers wide range of both international and Thai cuisine along the beach road and its side streets. Jomtien has become very popular with people who is seeking for a second home especially foreign retirees in the recent years.

Recommended Star Rated Hotels in Jomtien Beach

Recommended Budget Hotels in Jomtien Beach

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