About Koh Chang

Koh Chang or “Elephant Island” is the biggest island on the Gulf of Thailand. It is also the third largest island in Thailand (after Phuket & Koh Samui) with total area of about 210 sqkm. Koh Chang is well known with it’s beautiful long white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, forests and waterfalls. It is now the most popular islands in Eastern Thailand.

The island is 70% covered by unspoiled rain-forest and is also home to a wide range of wildlife, including a good selection of birds, snakes, deer and a number of elephants. The island and its vicinity are great places for snorkeling, diving and jungle hiking.

Best Time To Visit Koh Chang

Since Koh Chang has the similar weather like Bangkok & Pattaya, and hence, this is another Island that can be visited all year round. The best time to visit Koh Chang is still the cool season between November and February, March to May are roasting hot. In between June to October is rainy day & a very low season on the island, many guest houses close during this season, so accommodation is limited.


How To Go

There is no direct flight to Koh Chang, the only way to get into the island is by ferry from the mainland of Thailand. The nearest airport is Trat Airport (TDX) & transfer to 2 ferry piers. Summary as below:-

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