Nightlife in Koh Lipe isn’t as exciting as it is on other Thai islands. It has a more relaxed nightlife with some laid-back bars, and there is usually no huge party scene on the island. However, there are enough chilled bars and beachfront restaurants to keep most visitors entertained once the sun sets.

Cool bars may be found on practically all of Koh Lipe’s beaches, but the “Walking Street” near Pattaya Beach is the main draw. It is the island’s major street, lined with bars, restaurants, food vendors, stores, and massage parlours. 

13 Best Nightlife In Koh Lipe

Happy Mojito Koh Lipe

Happy Mojito is a bar on Koh Lipe’s smallest beach, Sunset Beach, that serves delectable Spanish, Thai seafood, and Mediterranean cuisine. It offers a really laid-back atmosphere and a beautiful view of Ko Adang . This little bar is perhaps the best place in Koh Lipe to see the best sunset while sipping an inexpensive cocktail.
Address: F7RX+9V9, Tambon Ko Tarutao, Ko Lipe, Satun 91000, Thailand
Operation hour: 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm

02 Reggae Bar

Reggae Bar Koh Lipe Thailand

Reggae Bar is one of Pattaya Beach’s most popular beachside bars. It’s beautifully decked with all kinds of lovely ornaments and has Bob Marley’s dulcet tones playing in the background. They provide comfy beach mats & cushions that are spread across the sand, allowing all guests to relax & enjoy the flickering fire show in a superchilled environment.
Address: Reggae Bar, Mueang Satun District, Satun 91000, Thailand
Operation hour: 9:00 am to 12:00 am

03 The Steak House – Best Nightlife in Koh Lipe for Western Food Lovers

The Steak House Koh Lipe

The Steak House is a well decorated & prominent beachfront restaurant situated right next to the renowned Walking Street entrance. It’s right on Pattaya Beach’s white sandy shores, with a stunning ocean view. This open-air steakhouse with alfresco seating upstairs serves a wide range of international cuisine, including some of the island’s best western food.
Address: F8P3+GPX, Ko Tarutao, Mueang Satun District, Satun 91000, Thailand
Operation hour: 8:00 am to 1:00 am

04 Sawasdee Bar

Sawasdee Bar Koh Lipe

Sawasdee Bar is a cosy small chilled bar in the heart of Walking Street that offers excellent Thai hospitality. You can start your day by hanging out and relaxing with a few cool beers or cocktails. The bar has been nicely renovated with mainly wood and bamboos, and offers super-comfy seating with stretchy cushions. The only drawback is that it is slightly pricey.
Address: Sawasdee Bar Walking, St, Koh Lipe, Satun 91000, Thailand
Operation hour: 9:00 am to 2:00 am

05 Elephant Koh Lipe – Best Nightlife in Koh Lipe for Families

Best Nightlife in Koh Lipe

Elephant is possibly the best and most unique restaurant and bar with live music in Koh Lipe’s Walking Street. They have the most diverse menu, including sandwiches, noodles, burgers, pizzas & Thai cuisine, vegetarian meals, and even kid’s menu. They also serve creative cocktails made from local whisky or rum, which is one of the primary highlights.
Address: 358 Moo 7 Koh Lipe Island, Tambon Koh Sarai, Satun 91000, Thailand
Operation hour: 9:00 am to 12:00 am

06 Papaya Mom Restaurant – Best Nightlife in Koh Lipe for Seafood Lovers

Papaya Mom Restaurant Koh Lipe

Papaya Mom Restaurant is rather a busy venue in Walking Street, especially in the evening. They serve fresh seafood (large crabs & prawns) that is prepared to your preferences. Aside from that, they serve a wide variety of Isaan (Thailand’s north-east region) dishes as well as desserts & beverages. Live music is also available on occasion. 
Address: Walking St, Ko Tarutao, Mueang Satun District, Satun 91000, Thailand
Operation hour: 9:00 am to 10:00 pm

07 Capriccio Lipe – Best Nightlife in Koh Lipe for Authentic Italian Food


Capriccio Lipe is a well-designed tropical-style garden restaurant with a laid-back atmosphere. This is a well-known restaurant in Koh Lipe, and their chef will impress you with a brilliant combination of Italian Tuscany cuisine and freshly caught fish from Lipe every day. Never miss their pizzas, tagliatelle bolognese, calzone, lasagna, etc.
Address: 61, Moo 7, Koh Sarai, Walking St, Satun 91000, Thailand
Operation hour: 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm

08 Corner Bar 

Corner Bar Koh Lipe

Corner Bar is a friendly and vibrant wooden bar with a tastefully decorated interior. This popular cocktail bar serves a diverse selection of beers & cocktails, including several European beers, at fair rates. In addition to booze, they also serve food such as BBQ chicken wings & fresh seafood. Ambience is perfect for a group of friends.
Address: F8Q4+6VX, Walking Street, Ko Tarutao, Satun 91000, Thailand
Operation hour: 3:00 pm to 2:00 am

09 Pooh Bar Resort & Resturant

Pooh Bar Resort & Resturant Koh Lipe

Pooh Bar Resort & Restaurant not only provides lodging but also a lovely restaurant and bar serving local and international cuisine, as well as a seafood stall. During dinner, a live band performs, and then another group takes over at the bar on the other side of the restaurant. Major sporting events are broadcast, notably English Premier League matches.
Address: 39 Walking Street, Koh lipe Satul, Satun 91000, Thailand
Operation hour: 9:00 am to 12:00 am

10 OMG! Sports Bar & Restaurant – Best Sport Bar in Koh Lipe

OMG! Sports Bar & Restaurant Koh Lipe

OMG is a larger-scale sports bar and one of Koh Lipe’s most unique & popular hangouts. Many western travellers frequent this bar since it shows mostly Western movies as well as live sporting events in the evening. It also offers pool table, table soccer, board games, and fantastic live music, in addition to a large selection of beers, cocktails, shots and food.
Address: 292 Moo 7, Koh lipe, Satun 91000, Thailand
Operation hour: 8:30 am to 1:30 am

11 Home Bar – The Most Unique Bar in Koh Lipe

Home Bar Koh Lipe

Home Bar is a truly hidden gem in the centre of the island, just about 10-minute walk from the Walking Street. This extremely chill bar is operated by a super friendly, cheerful, and talkative guy who built this out of the epic jungle. Home Bar is known for its reggae music, superb cocktails, and welcoming atmosphere. This is a must-visit bar in Koh Lipe.
Address: F8R4+933, Ko Tarutao, Mueang Satun District, Satun 91000, Thailand
Operation hour: 5:00 pm to 3:00 am

12 Zodiac Seesun Beach Bar – The Most Stunning Beachfront Bar in Koh Lipe

Nightlife In Koh Lipe 1

Zodiac Seesun Beach Bar, part of the Zodiac Seesun Resort, is the most calming spot with a creative setup on a white sandy beach. The amazing structure made of natural materials and its unique location where you can admire the sunrise and sunset all in one spot are the main highlights of this beachfront bar. It also hosts live DJ and music events.
Address: Sunrise Beach, Ko Tarutao, Mueang Satun District, Satun 91000, Thailand
Operation hour: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm

13 Elephant Beach Bar & Restaurant – Best Nightlife in Koh Lipe for Honeymooners

Elephant Beach Bar & Restaurant Koh Lipe

Most visitors confuse this bar with the above mentioned Elephant Koh Lipe (item 5). Elephant Beach Bar & Restaurant is a lovely beach bar on the white sand Sunrise Beach, which is part of the Lipe Beach Resort. This bar serves some of the best cocktails & food on the island & has comfortable gazebos for all of their guests. One of the best bars to relax.
Address: Lipe Beach Resort, Sunrise Beach, Koh Lipe Satun 91000, Thailand
Operation hour: 7:30 am to 9:00 pm

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