Best Places To Stay in Koh Lipe

When compared to Phuket, Koh Chang, or Koh Samui, Koh Lipe is just a tiny island. Most tourists would be curious as to where the best places to stay in Koh Lipe are on such a small island. Essentially, the entire island can be explored on foot, and all of the beaches are within walking distance. There are just a few automobiles on the island that belong to specific resorts, but you can still find motorbikes that will take you around the island for around 50 baht per person.

The beaches of Koh Lipe feature white fine sand, clear water, calm, and shallow. There are three main beaches to stay on: Pattaya Beach in the south, which is the most popular; Sunrise Beach in the east, near Chao Ley; and Sunset Beach in the west, which, as the name implies, faces the sunset.

3 Best Places To Stay in Koh Lipe

01 Pattaya Beach & Walking Street – Best Places to Stay in Koh Lipe for Nightlife

Pattaya Beach is the island’s longest beach, stretching for roughly 1.2 kilometres, and the most popular area to stay in Koh Lipe. It’s also close to the pier and the Walking Street (within 200 m). The beach features a big sheltered bay with silky white sand, clear blue water, and excellent snorkeling just off the beach.

There are numbers high-end beachfront resorts, mid-range and budget hotels around Pattaya Beach, as well as a variety of pubs, massage shops, and restaurants near the corner of Walking Street, which has a lively atmosphere, especially in the evening. 

Pattaya Beach Pier

Where To Stay in Pattaya Beach, Koh Lipe

02 Sunset Beach – Best Place to Stay in Koh Lipe for Couples & Families

Sunset Beach is the smallest beach on Koh Lipe, measuring only about 200 metres long and facing west of the island. It’s a fantastic spot to see the sunset. The beach and the surrounding area are the most tranquil and laid-back on Koh Lipe.

It has a limited selection of accommodations, all of which have managed to maintain the ‘Old Lipe’ temperament. The lodgings range from simple beach huts to rustic and secluded bungalows nestled in the shade of the jungle and there are only a few great places to dine and drink nearby.

To avoid the crowds, most couples and families prefer to stay in Sunset Beach. Even though it is not as convenient as Pattaya Beach, it is only a 15-minute (one-kilometer) walk from Walking Street. 

Where To Stay in Sunset Beach, Koh Lipe

03 Sunrise Beach – Best Place to Stay in Koh Lipe for Watersports

Sunrise Beach, also known as Haad Chao Ley by locals, is Koh Lipe’s second-longest beach (about 800 metres). It features a white sand beach and is bordered by a wide shallow bay, which provides tourists with spectacular dawn skies and a refreshing breeze early in the morning.

This beach is well-known for its sunrise, but it’s also great for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, and other watersports activities. During low tide, you’ll be able to witness a variety of corals in all forms and sizes.

Accommodation is more dispersed than on Pattaya Beach, and while there are still a few budget options, some premium options have arisen in recent years. In the adjoining Chao Ley village, there are a few small restaurants, stores, and a hospital. Furthermore, walking to Walking Street (within 600m) and the other beaches only takes about 7 to 15 minutes.

Where To Stay in Sunrise Beach, Koh Lipe

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